About Us

Overhead Door Co. of Dubuque, also known as Cedar Cross Overhead Door, is a locally owned & operated business that distributes Overhead Door brand products. The business was started in 1956 by Leo Furlong, and purchased by Dan & Elaine Pregler in 1982. It was a family business then, and it is still a family business today. Two of Dan and Elaine's sons are involved in the business, as well as one of their grand daughters, making it a three generation family business.

The company, starting with three employees, has experienced strong and steady growth over the years and there are now 16 full-time employees. Two of the original installers from 1982 are still employed today. That expertise is a trademark of our business. We offer years of experience as well as high standards for service. We pride ourselves in giving excellent service from a friendly & knowledgeable staff. We truly care about the customer.

As previously mentioned, we have two names. We were originally known as Cedar Cross Overhead Door. In 1984, when we became an Overhead Door Distributor, we were required to change our name to Overhead Door Co. of Dubuque. The original name stuck, so many people know us by both names. To clear up any confusion, when you're looking for us, whether it's on the street or in the phone book, remember to look for the red ribbon. That is our trademark. The Genuine. The Original. Overhead Door.

Our Staff

Dan & Elaine



Ashley -- Office Manager

Ruth -- Office

Laura -- Office

Ken -- Sales

Chad -- Installer/Technician

Gary -- Installer/Technician

Jim -- Installer/Technician

Larry -- Installer/Technician

Rob -- Installer/Technician

Matt -- Installer/Technician

Matt -- Installer/Technician

Mike -- Warehouse